Underground Railroad in Michigan

The Underground Railroad is shrouded in mystery, myths and legends, but one known fact is that is was active in Cass County, Michigan. Quakers in the Penn Township and Vandalia area helped over 1,000 Freedom Seekers on their way to Canada. This program examines the Underground Railroad’s impact in Michigan, including the famous 1847 Kentucky Raid that influenced national legislation in the years prior to the Civil War. The highlight of this tour will be the Escape to Freedom activity, in which students play the role of ‘freedom seekers’ and are escorted to various stops along the Underground Railroad in Michigan.

Because of the Covid-19 virus closing schools and the museum for the forseeable future, the museum is linking the introduction to the school tour program for parents to use as they homeschool their children. Much of the introduction is self-guided and provides history and images to help students understand the subject. We encourage parents to seek some background information before starting so they can answer questions.